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Cars in Recovery

How did you feel when you got your first car? Think about it; the way the sun glistened on the keys, the reflection of the sky on the hood, the smell of the interior, the sound of the motor as you turned the key, the confusion you felt when trying to figure out how to work your radio, and, of course, the excitement when making plans with friends because oh how greatly did the list of activities grow. Do you remember your feeling? I bet we could help with that. What about ‘free’? You felt as though nothing was holding you back. You could go anywhere you pleased and with whomever. The question though is, “What did you do with that freedom?” Were you responsible with your decisions, or maybe a bit reckless? After all, the choice was yours, right?

Unfortunately, during active addiction our cars are one of the most valuable possessions that we could end up losing. We can lose it via the courts, in exchange to a seedy individual, or in a wreck. Fortunately, though, a car can be one of the first major material items that you receive back when you choose to seek recovery.

Here at Summit Recovery, we are all about helping our clients get their lives back, and feel like they are, too; having the privilege to drive could be a big part of that. Therefore, we support the privilege of our client’s having a vehicle, so that they feel like they are recovering. With that freedom, though, comes a great responsibility; just like the freedom people have when they start driving for the first time and are faced with the decision of making productive or counterproductive choices, the same applies to being able to drive again after not having the option to for however long. The choice is completely up to the client. So, we ask that any client or anyone in recovery for that matter to check their motives, afterwards they should be able to decide whether having the freedom of driving a vehicle is worth it. We have of course considered the possibility of a client deciding that it may not be the best idea for them to drive yet, so here at Summit Recovery we offer transportation to all clients that do not have transportation. Whether you are driving, riding, or walking, we are all traveling the road of recovery, together.

Author Gabe Fleming
Author: Gabe Fleming

Gabriel Fleming Johnson is a self-published author based out of Atlanta, GA. As a recovering addict, Gabe has extensive knowledge on how to go about applying the twelve steps in his own life. Rock bottom brought him to Asheville. As he has established himself as a functioning member of society Gabe has transitioned from lost newcomer to a responsible staff member of the Summit Recovery family.

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