Summit Recovery Rules

    Our Mission

    Summit Recovery LLC. Aims to provide a safe drug/alcohol free environment as well as affordable transitional housing to addicts/alcoholics seeking recovery

    Program Expectations

    • Clients must participate in 12 Step Recovery. This includes meeting attendance, obtaining a sponsor, building a network with other recovering addicts, working steps with a sponsor, and joining a home-group. Service commitments and recovery related activities are encouraged.
    • Clients agree to commit to working, attending school, and/or volunteering during their stay, using their time to reach new goals and obtain self-sufficiency.
    • Clients must respect curfew policy. Curfew upon entry will be at 10:30pm unless otherwise stated. Summit Recovery reserves the right to limit curfew if necessary, as it is a privilege.
    • Clients must commit to random drug screens and breathalyzer tests. Failure to submit drug screen is equivalent to a failed drug screen.
    • Clients must submit clean drug screen upon admission.
    • Clients must abide by the house rules.
    • Clients must respect the home, house-mates, and staff.

    Grounds for Immediate Discharge

    • Destruction of house property
    • Violence, acts of violence, threats of aggression or violence, bullying and/or possession of weapons
    • Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    • Possessing drugs or alcohol
    • Failing to comply with drug screens or alcohol tests
    • Stealing - this includes food!
    • Abuse of over-the-counter or prescription medication
    • Refusal to comply with house rules
    • Blatant disrespect towards management

    Admission Criteria

    • Must be 18 years of age
    • Consider himself an addict or alcoholic
    • Commit to a minimum of 90 days in the program
    • Agree to pay entrance fee and weekly fees on time
    • No sex offenders, violent crimes, or arson charges or convictions.


    • Clients must keep up their own personal hygiene
    • Clients must do chores regularly
    • Clients must keep their bedroom areas cleaned. This includes making their bed, keeping clothes put away, mopping, and sweeping bedrooms
    • Food, drinks, dishes, or trash should not be left in bedrooms at any time
    • Clients are responsible for cleaning up after themselves, washing their own dishes, and cleaning up any mess they have made. EX; It is not the person assigned to kitchen chore’s job to wash your dishes. If you used it you are to clean it.
    • Clients must keep personal medications put away and not in sight of other residents

    Curfews and Overnights

    • Upon entry clients will have an 10:30pm curfew unless otherwise stated.
    • Curfews are contingent upon resident’s ability to follow all rules and regulations
    • Curfew extensions must be approved by owners/management
    • Overnight passes cannot be consecutively

    12 Step and Recovery Meetings

    • A meeting schedule will be accessible in the home where you reside
    • NA, AA, CA, HA, Refuge Recovery, S.M.A.R.T Recovery, and Celebrate Recovery are all standard 12 Step based meetings that count as your required weekly attendance
    • Clients are required to attend at least 4 meetings per week for the first 30 days of entering the program. 90 meetings in 90 days is encouraged.
    • Summit Recovery will have house meetings weekly. This is a time for the members of the house to speak about their goals and discuss any areas that they would like to improve, as well as any concerns pertaining to residency in the recovery home.

    Drug and Alcohol Testing

    • Use of any mind or mood-altering substances will result in immediate discharge. These include but are not limited to alcohol, narcotics, over-the-counter or prescription narcotic medication, K2/Spice, Valerian Root, Kava, Kombucha, Kratom, diet pills, THC, Ambien, CBD and bath salts.
    • If asked to submit a urine analysis (UA) or Breathalyzer (BA) client must stay on property until test is completed
    • Refusal to submit UA or BA will result in immediate discharge
    • Test are conducted multiple times weekly and at random
    • Clients must submit UA and/or BA when returning from an overnight pass and it is the responsibility of the resident to contact management upon returning from pass.

    Additional Guidelines

    • Summit Recovery does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, height, weight, physical or mental ability, veteran status, military obligations, and marital status
    • If you suspect another resident of using drugs or alcohol you are expected to report this matter to management immediately
    • At Summit Recovery, each client should always have at least 3 goals they are working to achieve
    • Smoking is permitted outside only. Proper disposal of cigarettes in ashtrays is expected
    • Clients must respect other members of the home. Do not play loud music in the driveway or in the home during early morning or late evening times.
    • Clients are responsible for their guest’s behavior. Guest are never allowed in another member’s room for any reason.
    • Clients should not be in another member’s room if they are not home or invited
    • Clients are responsible for administering their own medication. Medication must not be left in common areas or on bedroom dresser/nightstand. Please keep these put away.
    • Clients are subject to random pill counts. Over -taking prescribed medication can result in discharge
    • Summit Recovery reserves the right to search cell phones, vehicles, personal property, and bedrooms.
    • Borrowing or lending money is prohibited
    • Clients are responsible for purchasing and preparing their own food


    Summit Recovery provides clients with transportation when needed, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. 7 days a week. We provide transportation to and from work, job interviews, staffing agencies, school / classes, recovery meetings, recovery events, church / religious services, doctor appointments, therapy sessions [including but not limited to IOP and individual therapy appointments]. We also provide transportation to various stores [grocery / convenience store, pharmacies, banks, cellphone stores, Walmart, food banks, etc.] so that clients may obtain any of their basic needs / wants [food, clothes, medication, tobacco, hygiene products, electronics etc.]. We can also provide transportation to the bus station / bus stops or the airport if needed. Summit Recovery staff will provide transportation for clients in the first 8 weeks of their stay, if it is conductive to the individuals recovery, goals or the clients well being. We require a 12 hour notice ahead of time for transportation, so that all rides can be properly arranged. We request that rides be a maximum of 10 miles away from the prospective property, but can make exceptions on a case by case basis. Summit Recovery retains the right to refuse transportation if it is not conductive to an individual recovery, or does not fall within our transportation requirements. Requirements are subject to change on a case by case basis.

    Phases of Summit Recovery

    PHASE I- Clients have an 10:30pm curfew Sunday through Thursday and 11:00pm on Friday and Saturday. Clients are required to attend 4 meetings per week. Clients are to be off property from 10:00am to 4:00pm Mon.-Fri. seeking employment, until client has obtained employment, enrolled in school or IOP, or is volunteering for a minimum of 25 hours per week. Clients are to take no overnights, but can have guest from 10am to 10pm. Clients are expected to attend weekly house meetings. Clients are to follow all house rules. Clients are expected to have a home group and sponsor before moving on to next phase. The duration of PHASE I is at a minimum of 30 days upon entry. Staff reserves right to hold client on PHASE I for longer at discretion of staff.

    PHASE II- Clients have an 12pm curfew while on Phase II. Clients are required to attend 4 meetings per week. Clients are permitted one overnight off property per week. Clients are expected to attend weekly house meetings and follow all house rules. Clients may have guest on property from 10am – 12am. The duration of PHASE II is at a minimum of 60 days upon entry. Staff reserves right to hold client on PHASE II for longer at discretion of staff.

    PHASE III- By the time clients are on PHASE III they will be expected to be upstanding clients at Summit Recovery, and be an example to those clients on PHASES I & II. Clients on this phase will have a 2am curfew and be expected to attend a minimum of 3 meetings per week. Clients must have and maintain employment. Clients are expected to attend the weekly house meeting. Clients are permitted 3 overnights per week on or off property. Clients will remain on PHASE 3 for remainder of stay at Summit Recovery unless staff feels that behavior does not meet PHASE 3 expectations at which time staff reserves the right to place client back on PHASES I or II.

    Financial Responsibility

    Upon Entry to Summit Recovery a onetime nonrefundable entry fee of $800, as well as the first four weeks of rent $800, which is a total of $1600 is to be paid. This is to give client time to find a job and not have added financial stress placed on them in their first four weeks living at Summit Recovery. After the first four weeks client is expected to pay $200 per week due on Friday which will pay for the upcoming week. At Summit Recovery, we reserve the right to issue no refunds regardless of who paid any fees if client is discharged for any reason or decides to leave the program. Summit Recovery accepts Cash, Venmo, CashApp, Credit Card, Check, Cashiers Check or Money Orders.

    Liability Release

    By signing below - intending to be legally bound hereby, the undersigned agrees and does hereby release from liability and to indemnify and hold harmless Summit Recovery, and any of its employees or agents representing or related to Summit Recovery as regards to visitation and housing. This release is for all liability for personal injuries (including death) and property losses or damage occasioned by, or in connection with any activity or accommodations. The undersigned further agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations promulgated by Summit Recovery and or its affiliate groups and vendors throughout any of the properties held by Summit Recovery.

    Guest Agreement

    By signing below, I acknowledge receipt of and agree to follow all rules and regulations put forth by Summit Recovery. I understand that my continued residency is at the discretion of Summit Recovery. I also understand that I am not a tenant but a guest, therefore tenant/landlord laws do not apply. I further recognize that I may be asked to leave with no prior notice for violating house rules and regulations.

    I understand that there will be NO REFUND OF ANY FEES AND OR MOVE IN COSTS. I am also aware that I will be discharged for lack of or late weekly or monthly fees for guest housing. I also am in agreement that any belongings left on property of subject to be discarded after 72 hours upon leaving the property in a manner that was the subject of a violation.

    Medication Policy

    All guests must be capable of managing and administering their own medication. Upon entering the residence as a new guest, you must present all medications and further on you must inform management of any medication changes. Also, if you are sick, and or are seeing a doctor you must inform management and provide them copies of any prescription you are receiving from a doctor.

    We do not allow any controlled medications or illicit substances. Benzos, Adderall, Ritalin, Opiates, pain medication, kava, kratom, anabolic steroids, marijuana, research chemicals, LSD and anything else of an illegal nature or one that doesn’t harbor an atmosphere of recovery.

    Clients are responsible for their own refills, and may not share their medication with anyone.

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