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Didn’t Even Comprehend the Dust, by Powderpuff (T)

Didn’t Even Comprehend the Dust, by Powderpuff (T)

Room and you will Time, of the Ani272 (T)

Rec Group: Rodney McKayCharacters: Rodney McKay, Evan Lorne, John Sheppard Pairings: noneCategories: gen, hurt/morale, episode relatedWarnings: zero warnings applyWords: cuatro,006Author’s Log: n/aAuthor’s Webpages: Ani272 to your AO3Link: Area and you can Day

Author’s summary: Recently arrived XO, Significant Evan Lorne, observes things strange concerning the Captain Research Manager and you will set their attention to help you exercising new whys and you can wherefores.

As to why Which Have to be Realize: This can be an especially breathtaking and you will delicate fic you to focuses primarily on Rodney given that viewed courtesy Evan’s attention. It’s good heartwarming tale about how precisely effect and you can feelings can transform when you find yourself really searching about another person’s protections and you will watching toward their wounded spirit. Scanning this renders you seriously touched from the gentle and you can information ways Evan snacks Rodney, ultimately wearing their over trust and you may starting him right up for a great thoughtful, calming treat. Plus don’t overlook brand new equally great and emotional sequel, either.

Dark-red and you will Clover, because of the LogicGunn (Teen+)

Rec Class: FemslashCharacters: Teyla Emmagan, Vala Mal Doran, a few other random SG emails out of reduced importance are said or appearPairings: Teyla Emmagan/Vala Mal Doran, background Teyla Emmagan/Kanaan, prior Teyla Emmagan/E WeirCategories: FemslashWarnings: NoneAuthor’s Log: LogicGunn Author’s Webpages: logicgunn Connect: Deep red and you may Clover

Why So it Should be See:So it facts try written for me personally by logicgunn getting SGA Magic Santa in 2010, therefore the characterization try brilliance. This is an effective pairing I have much time enrolled in in the ficathons, but failed to be prepared to receive, because– Better, where’s brand new cannon reason for it? logicgunn slides nicely towards canon, slices in it, spots so it piece effortlessly, and you can gift ideas all of us to the logical end so you’re able to “there’s an enthusiastic alien woman are asked thoroughly from the IOA and you will Vala hears about it.”

I have much time considered that Vala and you can Teyla, women who keeps upended their entire existences to help you plant themselves with the latest SGC and you will Atlantis, is actually kindred spirits we were robbed from seeing a meeting out of on-display, but which fic is the reason because of it. It actually was my treat this 12 months, and you’ll see clearly and then make it the eradicate as well.

Rec Category: Teyla Emmagan/Age Weir Letters: Teyla Emmagan, Age Weir, John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Laura Cadman, Halling, Jinto, Different SGA characters, Acastus Kolya Pairings: Teyla Emmagan/Age WeirCategories: FemSlashWarnings: Nothing, however the creator asks in your thoughts the brand new tags (alcohol, colonialization)Author’s Webpages: AO3Link: Don’t Even Understand the Soil

As to why So it Must be Understand: Powderpuff had myself at the “blacksmith Teyla”, but there is however such to love about this facts. Age is out of their unique breadth thinking of moving good prairie town, however, she falls in both love and you can into an alternative life. It’s an enjoying, warm Bien au that we go back to whenever I am for the a fluffy, west spirits.

Rituals during the Retrospect of the abydosorphan (Mature)

Rec Class: FemslashCharacters: Kate Heightmeyer/Age WeirPairings: Kate Heightmeyer/E WeirCategories: FemslashWarnings: NoneAuthor’s Log: abydosorphan Author’s Site: abydosorphan Connect: Rituals when you look at the Retrospect

Why It Should be Understand: December was see this a month out of gifts, and you will I’m reccing merchandise: This is exactly one of my femslashex gift ideas using this year’s bullet. Both was delightful (and you may each other had been because of the abydosorphan , among my personal close friends, merely so you know), however, this is basically the Stargate fic. Kate/E is considered the most my personal of several favorites from SGA fandom, plus one of your own rarest ones, regrettably abandoned since the – better, canon. This will be a preliminary, quiet slice from Kate’s contemplative morning in which she ponders how she had of up to Atlantis and you will Elizabeth Weir. It’s sweet observe Kate authored because the a characteristics rather than a storyline device for somebody else’s dating, plus the cool way she and you may Age match for each other’s globes so you can interlock its lives to one another.