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Precisely what the hell performed one situation do to you?

Precisely what the hell performed one situation do to you?

Bashert (1508 terms and conditions) because of the aadarshinahAdditional Tags: SoulmatesSummary: “When the a-clock could number right down to as soon as your see the soulmate, are you willing to wish to know?”

I’m able to Direct you Domestic (12568 terminology) by BrumeierRating: ExplicitAdditional Labels: Alternate Universe – Sentinels and you will Courses Is Recognized, Earliest Group meetings, Very first time, Basic Kiss, Canonical Character Death, Mental Harm/Comfort, Hurt/ComfortSummary: There had been many things Rodney was planning on as he made the fresh new travel from the wormhole to help you Atlantis. Exactly what he did not believe was indeed surprise Sentinels, gene mutations, place vampires, and you will an effective sentient urban area together with her own ideas for how anything is.

can’t reject your appetite (4031 conditions) because of the callunavulgariRating: ExplicitAdditional Labels: Alternative World – Canon Divergence, Vampires of the underworld, Patch Just what Area/Porno In the place of Plot, Bloodplay, FrottageSumpire for the Atlantis the day immediately after they’ve got moved from the gate. The guy discovers the vampire at issue are Rodney McKay per month afterwards, if they are the hunkered off regarding the yawning shade of some failing ruins and you can Rodney talks about him, their eyes eerily brilliant throughout the darkness, sees brand new bloodstream on John’s deal with, and you will claims, “Oh.”

Lost and discovered (13286 terms and conditions) by RosiePawCharacters: Jack O’Neill, Elizabeth Weir, Aiden Ford, Stackhouse (Stargate Atlantis), Teyla Emmagan, Carson BeckettAdditional Labels: Sentinel AUSummary: I am not sure when it might possibly be experienced a good crossover or maybe not. We have borrowed an idea out of a special fandom, place a somewhat some other spin in it right after which used they towards SGA ‘verse. At the same time, you are shed if you aren’t tolerably regularly the original eleven episodes regarding SGA Season1.

Pleased (35068 words) from the crysothemisRating: ExplicitAdditional Tags: Amnesia, cliche bingoSummary: “Waiting,” John told you, as this must be a joke, did not it? “You are aware Ronon, but you have no idea myself? “

Out of the blue (6003 terms) from the LeahAdditional Labels: Descension, Amnesia, Pre-Cut, Anxiety and you can Jokes, Earliest KissSummary: “We’re household members, and i skipped your. “

His Way From the Constellation (8368 conditions) by torakowalskiAdditional Labels: First-time, AmnesiaSummary: It see your by chance. They have seemed and wanted for the past 6 months and found little, no idea. Following Katie Brown and you may several the new Marines go off-globe to investigate some alien flora, rating distracted by a market and find him truth be told there; not available, due to the fact Rodney quickly assumes on reading, but doing work the new stalls, healthy and you may entire and you will 100 % free as you like.

Just about everything you need to know regarding Sentinels might be gathered regarding the fake-estimate at the beginning of the latest fic

The life span You Lead (13571 words) because of the thegrrrl2002Rating: ExplicitAdditional Tags: AmnesiaSummary: “This place is really unusual,” John said. “Should i go homeward now?” Not that he previously any idea in which household try to have your.

Margin regarding Mistake (1004 terms) by dogearedAdditional Tags: picfor1000, AmnesiaSummary: John’s starting to believe perhaps the guy didn’t score his memories back slightly proper.

Rewind, Reboot, Repair (23471 conditions) from the RheannaAdditional Labels: Amnesia, Drama, Romance, Wordcount: -Summary: Preference Rodney McKay was much like just how Douglas Adams got discussed flying: the key was to put your self in the him and you can miss.

As to the reasons can’t We keep your hand?

consume vegetation, inhale light (1585 terms) because of the callunavulgariAdditional Tags: Brief Amnesia, Accidentally HighSumy laugh, swaying quite toward your, and claims, “You really have really stunning eyes, you understand one?”

Amnesiac (4153 terms) of the SperanzaAdditional Tags: Amnesia, Very first time, SlashSummary: He is no more than to point a back-eating quickie if Canadian draws aside and you can squints upwards at your, and you may claims, a tiny breathlessly, “Your strike your head, did you not?”

I Sample A person During the Reno Merely to Check out Your Pass away of the thisissiriusSummary: It absolutely was for the 2nd 14 days that they first started to note they. They started out sluggish, foolish things that not one person parhaat online-chat-huoneet manage consider generally. Then Sheppard expected once or twice as to the reasons Ford was not inside the Atlantis and you can their cluster herded him with the medical center.